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Steve R. Biegler Construction
Home Building Process / Steps

  • Phase 1: Sales Agreement
    Select your home site, finalize your home plans, and any custom selections. Sign a sales agreement and secure a mortgage.

  • Phase 2: Owners Meeting
    Meet with your Steve R. Biegler Construction representative; finalize your dream home design selection and customization ideas. House materials are then ordered and a construction scheduled created.

  • Phase 3: Building Permits
    Steve R. Biegler Construction will obtain all necessary permits and expedite the building of your dream home.

  • Phase 4: Foundation
    Your lot is surveyed, staked, and excavated according to engineering plans. Next, the foundation is completed and backfilled with soil. Then, plumbing, electrical, and sewer lines are connected from the street to your foundation.

  • Phase 5: Custom Framing
    Your dream home quickly begins to take shape as the interior and exterior walls of the 1st floor are completed, followed by the second floor (per plan). Finally, the stairs and floor trusses are completed.

  • Phase 6: Exterior Finish Work
    You will now see wall sheathing added to enclose your dream home and a house wrap material added to exterior walls to prevent water penetration. Roof sheathing is then completed with attic vents installed and your choice of roofing product added. Next, exterior doors and windows are installed and then your pre-selected exterior wall designs are completed. Lastly, final exterior trim work is completed to plan specifications.

  • Phase 7: Mechanical Installations
    Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units, programmable thermostats, water heaters, central vacuum systems, all electrical wiring including customized security system, high-speed internet and surround sound wiring systems are completed, and plumbing systems are installed to specifications. At this stage, these systems are only “roughed in,” meaning you will see exposed ends of pipes, wiring and ductwork to be finished later by the professionals. Larger items, such as bathtubs and shower units are installed at this time. City Inspectors are then called for inspection of workmanship.

  • Phase 8: Insulation and Home Sealing
    Energy efficient insulation is installed between the roof trusses and the exterior stud walls. To increase energy efficiency and weatherproofing, all gaps between framing members and window surrounds are then sealed to eliminate potential air leaks.

  • Phase 9: Custom Interior Finish Work
    Next, the interior walls and ceilings are covered with sheetrock. Then, interior doors, trim, and shelving are installed to specifications followed by your pre-selected choices of paint. Your personalized choices of cabinets, countertops, mirrors and flooring are then installed with highly skilled craftsmen. HVAC, plumbing and all electrical (from Phase 7) are finished, including your pre-determined choices of faucets, light fixtures, appliances and registers.

  • Phase 10: Landscaping
    Your new yard will be graded to slope away from your foundation, and then all flatwork (concrete driveways, walkways, patios) are poured and finished. Your pre-determined landscaping design is them completed, including water features, automated lighting and sprinkler systems, fencing and other pre-determined features.

  • Phase 11: Final Inspections
    As your landscaping is nearing completion, we will join you for a formal home inspection and take notes (punch list) of any items that you feel need special attention, prior to occupancy. After all items have received appropriate attention, we will invite you to a final inspection. Afterwards, your home will be groomed and all finishing touches made to ensure your new home is immaculate and in pristine condition.

  • Phase 12: Closing
    Steve R. Biegler Construction representatives will meet with you and explain the mechanicals and demonstrate the operation of your new appliances. We are prepared to answer your questions regarding the operation of your new home. Within a few days after this meeting, you will sign closing papers, officially transferring ownership of the home into your name.

  • Phase 13: Home Warranties
    One Year Warranty: For one year after closing, your new home will be covered under the Steve R. Biegler Construction “One Year Warranty.” During this time period, if anything should go wrong with your new home, outside of normal maintenance, during your first year of ownership, we will repair it quickly! We take your satisfaction seriously and we hope to happily meet your expectations. Please call and discuss any issues that need our personalized attention. We will promptly follow up on the warranty requests with the goal of coming to a quick resolution for you.
    Ten Year Warranty: In addition, your home is warranted by the Home Builders Warranty to be free from major structural defects for a period of ten years from your date of closing. For details on these warranties, please contact your Steve R. Biegler Construction representative.

    Limitations and Exclusions
    1. The Steve R. Biegler Construction One-Year Warranty is in addition to any warranty provided to you by a manufacturer of a product installed in your home. Steve R. Biegler Construction will provide you with copies of all written warranties for consumer products installed in your home.
    2. The Steve R. Biegler Construction One-Year Warranty shall not apply to any defect, loss or damage caused or contributed to by:
    *The negligence of anyone besides Steve R. Biegler Construction and its employees or subcontractors.
    *Changes or alterations to your home by anyone other than Steve R. Biegler Construction and its employees or subcontractors.
    *Changes or alterations in grading and drainage around your home by anyone other than Steve R. Biegler Construction and its employees or subcontractors.
    * Lack of proper maintenance and normal wear and tear.
    * Acts of God and extreme weather, including lightning, hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms, hail, floods, mud slides, earthquakes, and wind-driven rain
    3. The Steve R. Biegler Construction One-Year Warranty applies only to your home. It does not extend to claims for consequential damages or bodily injury or to damage to personal property.
    4. Except as set forth above and in connection with the Home Builders Warranty Ten-Year Limited Warranty, Steve R. Biegler Construction makes no other warranties, express or implied.

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